Great detective work, everyone! Here are the answers, just in case there were a few questions that stumped you.

1) This city is getting a belated Australia Day present from the Google Earth Team.
-- Sydney

2) Until now, this famous Frank Gehry building was shown as under construction.
-- Ray and Maria Stata Center, MIT (Boston)
3) This city is host to a young basketball team that's very exciting to watch, despite having their top draft pick sidelined for the entire season.
-- Portland, Oregon

4) Still providing spring water, this architectural landmark is one of the best-preserved Roman constructions on the Iberian Peninsula.
-- Aqueduct of Segovia

5) This salt dome is not only home to one of my favorite hot sauces but also a bird sanctuary.
-- Avery Island, Louisiana

6) Named after the 13th century bishop of Toulouse, this historic California mission town can be viewed in high-res.
-- San Louis Obispo

7) This city has an amazing mix of Islamic and European architecture, including a church built inside a former mosque.
-- Cordoba, Spain
8) You can now view The Manor where the Whiskers, Lazuli, Commandoes, Zappa, and Starsky families live and play.
-- South Africa (referencing the Kalahari Meerkat Project in the Kuruman River Reserve)

9) Come to this city to join me at a Giants game.
-- San Francisco

10) Every year on January 20th, this city is awash with drum beats while adults march through the streets dressed as cooks and soldiers.
--San Sebastian, Spain

The following is a more complete version of the updates in this data push:

New high resolution:

- Canada: Significant amount of British Columbia, Oxford County (Ontario)
- USA: Madera (CA), Fernly (NV), Silver Springs (NV), Yerington (NV),
Cambria (CA), Creston (CA), Delaware, Connecticut


- Spain: Avila, Burgos, San Sebastian
- Portugal: Lisbon

- South Africa: 2.5m imagery for western half of the country

Asia & Oceania:
- New Zealand: Auckland, Wanganui Province, Tararua Province
- Australia: Sydney, Newcastle

Updated Imagery:
- Canada: Vancouver
- USA: Portland (OR), Bay Area (SF, Oakland, Peninsula), San Simeon (CA),
Morro Bay (CA), Garden Farms (CA), San Louis Obispo (CA), Arroyo
Grande (CA), Nipomo (CA), Santa Maria (CA), California City (CA),
San Bernardino County (CA), Riverside County (CA), Salt Lake City (UT),
Denver (CO), Kalamazoo (MI), Detroit (MI), Hardee County (FL),
Martin County (FL), Tampa (FL), Philadelphia (PA), Boston (MA)
Onodaga County (NY), Norfolk (VA), Island County (WA), the state of
Hawaii, the state of Ohio, the state of Louisiana, the state of Virginia,
and the state New Jersey.
- Cuba: Havana - Brazil: Sao Paolo EMEA:
- France: Tours - Italy: Torino
- Spain: Almeria, Logrono, Pamplona, Santander, Segovia, Valladolid, Alicante,
Bilbao, Castellon, Cordoba, Coruna, Costa Blanca, Elche, Gijon, Huelva,
Leon, Oviedo, Salamanca, Vigo, Vitoria, Catalunya, Andalucia
- UK: Kent, Norfolk
- Switzerland: Zimmerburg, Pfannenstiel
- Denmark: Copenhagen
- Finland: Helsinki
- Norway:
- Iceland:
- Ukraine:
- Latvia:
- Serbia:
- Kenya: Nairobi
- Senegal: Dakar

- Turkmenistan:
- Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek
- Myanmar: Rangoon

Updated Terrain:
State of Arkansas