Super Tuesday (February 5) is another important stage of the 2008 political season, as residents of 24 states help nominate each party's presidential candidates. Google Maps closely followed the caucus results from Iowa and primary results from New Hampshire, but we decided to do something a little bit different in honor of Super Tuesday: YouTube is implementing a Google Map to create the Super Tuesday YouTube Channel.

Anyone -- from candidates and voters to members of media -- can upload videos to YouTube and geotag them so they can be tracked and viewed on a Google Map that resides in the Super Tuesday channel. There will be unique markers for voters, Democratic campaigns, Republican campaigns, and news outlets so that viewers can easily determine the source of the video. The site will feature a wide range of content, from predictions and interviews to personal reflections. To check out the videos, head over to the channel, then zoom in on your state or hometown to see what's been uploaded in your area. We hope this will be your go-to spot for all videos leading up to this important day.

I'll be heading to the polls in my home state, California, so I definitely plan to follow this new YouTube channel closely to stay informed. And even if you're not in a Super Tuesday state, you can still tune in to catch all the action.