Many people have used the My Maps feature of Google Maps to store, organize, and share their geographic data. In fact, more than 7 million maps have been created, on topics ranging from skate parks and historic pubs to real-life superheroes. You can add local businesses, mark favorite spots, draw a few lines, and then label and color code everything to make it easier to read. But lately, a lot of users have told us that they want the ability to reorder the placemarks, lines and shapes in the left panel when they edit their maps.

Well, we're happy to let you know that now you can drag and drop items in the left panel to reorder them. If you have a large map, you can also move features to the previous or next page by dragging them to the special targets that appear before and after the list of features. After you're finished rearranging everything, just click save.

With this new feature, you can finally sort your placemarks the way you want. You can put the most important ones on top, or sort them by date or alphabetically. You can also arrange your markers into groups -- geographically, east to west, north to south, alphabetically by city, or any way you like. Now the choice is yours!