Have you ever been traveling and needed to get directions from your hotel to another destination in town, like a restaurant you keep hearing about? You may have been a bit frustrated that Google Maps required you to look up the addresses of your starting and end points before ultimately getting your directions.

Well, we felt the same way. So we fixed it. Now you can type in any location where you want to go -- whether it's a specific street address, a business name like Fuzzy Buddy's Dog Daycare, or even something more general like "florist" -- and we'll help you get directions. We'll even automatically try to find the closest results for you.

We've found this particularly handy for pizza runs from our office; now we can just put in "651 N. 34th Street Seattle to pizza" and choose from our options. And if you're ever in town visiting us and want to go to dinner from your hotel, you might try "Andra Hotel Seattle to Wild Ginger" (make sure to try their seven-flavor beef).