If you've been following the news this month, you're probably aware that the presidential primary season is in full swing. The Internet has provided all sorts of tools to enhance participation in the campaign process, and we've been extremely pleased to discover the ways in which people have been using maps to share information.

One common theme is using maps in one form or another to coordinate meet-ups among supporters of candidates. Here are some API maps showing meeting locations for supporters of John Edwards, Mike Huckabee, and Barack Obama. Supporters also seem to be using maps to showcase their candidate, as in this collection of a staggering number of John Edwards videos from YouTube, and this map of testimionials about Rudy Giuliani from across the country.

Maps have also proved particularly useful for visualizing data, like in this map showing the results for Ron Paul in various straw polls. Or of course the mapplets we've featured that showed real-time results for the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary.

Maybe you'd like to get involved yourself? Try a search for a candidate's office in the state of an upcoming primary ("john mccain in south carolina" or "obama in nevada," for example) to find local campaign information.