We know that the last thing teachers have is tons of free time to spend learning about new teaching tools. That's why I'm thrilled to point out some new YouTube video tutorials that offer up basic tricks for using Google Earth and can serve as inspiration for lesson plans. While any new user (and even some of our old hands!) can appreciate these helpful hints, it's our hunch that educators will find them particularly useful. Here's a look at one of the videos in the series:

These short clips (there are 5 total) will walk you through some of the most popular features in Google Earth. Whether it's navigating, searching, marking locations, obtaining coordinates, or geotagging photos, you'll be able to get started in no time at all. More videos are in the works, and, of course, the Google Earth User Guide is also a great training resource. We hope that you'll soon be developing and sharing your own educational content just like these awesome literary field trips!