People will find some pleasant surprises in the most recent Google Earth data update. You've already heard about the new "Weather" and "MDG Monitor" layers, but that's not all ...

We have re-organized the data layers in the left-side Layers panel in this new release. The long layer list has been shrunk into a smaller set. Basic information such as roads, 3D buildings, and Weather are at the top. If you are looking for interesting things to do or places to visit, expand the "Gallery" or "Places of Interest" folders and you will find a wide selection of interesting data layers for you to explore.

If you've ever wanted to plan a trip to Egypt, you can now turn on the "Egypt Tourism" layer to see a collection of destinations to visit. You'll even find intricately designed 3D models of some of the famous landmarks.

But if you just want to stick around and hang out with friends and family this holiday season, you might be happy to know you can find good restaurants easier than ever with Google Earth. The data team has recently updated the business listing layers with user reviews. Simply zoom into the neighborhood you want to go to, and you'll see restaurants show up at street level. You can read reviews of the restaurants before you head out. Or if you have some good restaurants to recommend, you can write reviews. To see more things to do, expand the "Places of Interest" folder and check out other local business and recreation information.

We've also added Wikipedia articles in 6 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Dutch. Other updates include adding all country names in local languages as well as business listings for Australia.