If you use Google Earth, you're probably familiar with the KML and KMZ file formats, which are used to store geographic information like placemarks, lines and shapes. Now you can share your KML files more easily with other people (who may not have Google Earth installed) by importing them into My Maps. Your file will be stored online and will be viewable on any computer with a web browser.

To import a KML file, create a new map and click the Import link. You'll be able to upload a file from your desktop, or enter the URL of a file on the web. We'll import all of the data from that file into your map for online access and editing. Keep in mind that Google Maps doesn't support as many features of KML as Google Earth, so some of your information (like 3D models) won't be imported into your online map.

You can use this feature to transfer placemarks from Google Earth to Google Maps, make an editable copy of some geographic data you find on the web, or upload KML data from a GPS tracking device. Then you can bring it back to Google Earth by clicking on the KML link to download a KML file. Make some changes in Google Earth and import it back into the same map, checking the replace checkbox this time to replace the existing map with the updated one.