I know this isn't the kind of star gazing we usually report on around here, but for those of you who follow celebrity gossip, here's your chance to spot celebrities in real life. Top 50 Places to See Celebrities in NYC is a user-created map that lists all the hottest restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels in New York where you're most likely to run into celebrities like Nicole Richie, Jay-Z, J.Lo, Paris Hilton and Bruce Willis. For example, the Tribeca Grill is owned by Robert DeNiro and is frequented by his actor pals like James Gandolfini. Meg Ryan gets her famous shag haircut at the Sally Hershberger salon. And I think I once saw Julianne Moore at French bistro Pastis, which is right near the Google office.

For more examples of celebrity sightings on Google Maps, try searching for [celebrity sightings in New York]. Click on 'See community maps' to see more user-created maps.