On May 31, at Developer Day, Google previewed early beta documentation for KML 2.2, the latest update to our geographic data presentation language. That preview introduced a number of important features to KML, including:
When Google Earth 4.2 was released on August 22, KML 2.2 Beta was officially released, with some additions to what was previewed in May. Here's what's new:
  • ExtendedData, which allows sophisticated balloon templating and gives you the ability to embed your own custom-typed data in KML files. For more information, see the Adding Custom Data page.
  • Linking between features. There was a syntax change for this feature. For more information, see the KML 2.2 Reference.
  • Sky Data. For more information, see the Sky Data in KML page.
Very soon now, KML 2.2 will be exiting beta. I've started a discussion in the KML Developer Support group, so please give us your feedback on the new features of KML 2.2 as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.