About a month ago, we added a new feature to Picasa Web Albums that makes it easy to geotag your favorite photos. With the "Map My Photos" option, you can literally just drag and drop your pictures onto a map. Already, the Picasa Web Albums community has added map information to millions of photos from all over the world.

Now we have a new Mapplet that lets you search and browse all of the geolocated photos in Google Maps. Just click here to add the Picasa Web Albums Mapplet to your "My Maps" tab. Then, zoom in to your favorite spot on Google Maps, enable our Mapplet and watch the photos roll in! You can see what snapshots exist of your favorite getaway or take a virtual vacation to Paris. The world is your oyster.

While you browse all the photos around a given location, you can also do keyword searches drawing from the captions associated with each photo. For instance, pop over to London, zoom in to get a bird's-eye view, then type "eye" into our Mapplet's search field. Now you'll see a more finely filtered set of photos taken in and around the gigantic London Eye observation wheel by folks from all over the globe.

If you'd like to learn how to add map locations to your own photos using Picasa Web Albums, check out this previous blog post and our demo gallery. Once you've added a location to your photo, just designate the album as both public and searchable, and we'll get it on the map.