In March, BMW introduced Google Maps Send to Car in Germany. As of today, we've expanded this service to all of our European BMW Assist customers. In addition to Google Maps Deutschland, you can now send businesses from Google Maps, Google Maps Italia and Google Maps UK directly to your in-car navigation system. This means that instead of printing out or writing down information before you go, you can find what you're looking for and send it to your car via Google Maps. Once on the road, you no longer need to manually enter the phone number or address. Simply click to call or select your destination as you go.

Google Maps Send to Car is a convenient way to send locations in advance, but what about when you want to find a business on the road? Google and BMW are the first to launch an in-car Google Local Search available within BMW Online Germany. Looking for a gas station, a museum or a nearby sushi spot? This service gives you access to all the information from Google Maps while you enjoy your drive. Just search online using Google Maps and transfer the address to your navigation system, or call the contact with one click. It's that easy. Watch this video (or click here for the German version).

Together with Google, we look forward to further enhancing BMW ConnectedDrive’s vision of the connected vehicle to bring our drivers more innovative and convenient services like these in the future.