Posted by Jonathan Goldman, Software Engineer, Google Maps

The Cheeseboard Pizza Collective in Berkeley is one of my favorite places on the planet. My friends and co-workers will tell you, I can't really shut up about the place. But now, rather than continue to impose my unsolicited opinion about this little gem on those around me, I can finally be more constructive by articulating my thoughts and sharing them with the world. That's right, Google Maps now offers user ratings and reviews of local businesses.

Google Maps has offered a collection of reviews assembled from some of the finest sources on the web for some time, but now we're augmenting those with reviews from an even better source: you -- and, we hope, millions of other opinionated Google users.

Search for your favorite places and click on the "More Info" link. From there, click on "Write a Review" to start giving your two cents.

Don't forget that Google Maps indexes a tremendous variety of businesses, and in a number of countries. Tell the world all about your favorite (or least favorite) doctors and dentists, hotels, bakeries, hardware stores, salons, pet spas, auto mechanics, plumbers, and more. Or perhaps even your favorite restaurant in Tokyo. Give it a try to make your opinions known and discover new favorites.