The Where 2.0 conference was a blast. Here are the 3 coolest things I saw at Where 2.0 that didn't already get a whole ton of media coverage.

1) Platforms by Project Aphrodite -- They're platform shoes with GPS and video screens embedded in the heels. Includes a panic button that makes loud noise and a way to call 911. They're meant to protect sex workers from violence.

2) PigeonBlog -- An art project and grassroots scientific data gathering initiatve that uses homing pigeons equipped with air quality sensors to track pollution levels. You can track the pigeons' flights on a map. Did you know that pigeons can only carry 8% of their own weight?

3) Plundr -- A location-based pirate game played by people walking around the streets using a Nintendo DS or laptop. I'm really excited about the future of location-aware games on mobile devices. Imagine playing real-life World of Warcraft, where you go to specific real-world locations to complete quests and get points, similar to a scavenger hunt. Imagine all those pasty, unathletic WoW nerds (like me) going outside in the sunshine and getting some exercise!

See you at next year's Where 2.0!