I've noticed that lots of people are using My Maps to document breaking news and current events for their communities. Here's an example:

Missouri Flood map -- Torrential rain caused levees to break along the Missouri River near Kansas City, claiming 12 lives. This map includes flood forecasts, water level information, and hydrographs for the communities affected by the floods.

Ware County Wildfire Map -- A wildfire has been raging in Southern Georgia for a month, devastating 128 square miles of Ware and northern Charlton counties.

Oakland Maze Closure -- A tanker filled with 8,600 gallons of gasoline exploded on a heavily trafficked freeway overpass in Oakland, CA. Hundreds of feet of concrete collapsed onto the freeway below, crippling the road network in the area.

University Bridge water main break -- A large water main burst under the University Bridge in Seattle, creating a sinkhole that devoured two unoccupied cars. The bridge had to be closed, and many people in the area reported brown water.